Now Announcing the Fleischner Memorial Award!

The Fleischner Society is proud to introduce the Fleischner Memorial Award, an esteemed honor for recognizing exceptional original works of excellence by young physicians and investigators in the areas of imaging related to the respiratory system. Previously known as the George Simon Memorial Fellowship Award until 1979, the Executive Committee has reinstated it as the Fleischner Memorial Award with the goal of increasing awareness of The Fleischner Society and involving more young investigators in the Society.


The Fleischner Society

The Fleischner Society is an international, multidisciplinary medical society for thoracic radiology, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the chest.  Founded in 1969 by eight radiologists whose predominant professional interests were imaging of chest diseases, the Society was named in memory of Felix Fleischner, an inspiring educator, clinician, and researcher who made many contributions to the field of chest radiology.

Industry Partners:

Please join us at the 2024 Annual Meeting in Seoul, Korea.

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PACSBin Web-Based System for DICOM Datasets

In conjunction with IPF White Paper publication, we are excited to launch the PACSBin web-based system, developed by Drs Jeff Galvin and Jason Hostetter at University of Maryland, which provides efficient scrolling of complete DICOM datasets, with corresponding histology. The initial application for this system will be in IPF, but we anticipate that it will also be suitable for use with many other conditions such as lung nodules. A link to this system will be incorporated into the Fleischner website. 

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